Attractive rates for everyone,
whether you are traveling alone or with friends.

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Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Item #1 Description Subtotal: $3.00
Item #2 Description Discount: $4.00
Item #3 Description Shipping: $7.00
Item #4 Description Tax: $6.00
All Items Description Your Total: $20.00

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Additional bagage

Each passenger is allowed to check up to three (4) pieces of baggage, which must. These articles must weight no more than 23 kg (50 lbs). An extra charge of $10.00 applies for additional piece of baggage.

Animal transport

Dogs, cats and small rodents are to be transported in an animal cage of appropriate size (not provided by TSH) and placed in the baggage railcars at the cost of $15.00.



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