Travel Info

Train schedule

The passenger train schedule may change at the discretion of the management at any time. The public will be made aware of any changes made to the schedule by notification through memos and publication on our Facebook page.

Note to travelling passengers

Passengers travelling to Labrador City should know that Tshiuetin Rail Transportation offers a transport service only to the Emeril Junction. From there, passengers must ensure their own transportation to Labrador City (45 minutes drive).

Train tickets

Please note that all passengers must provide the security agent with an ID card (with picture) before boarding the train.

Refund policy

All sales are final with a possibility of changing the date of travel once. A ticket is valid for a year from the date of the original purchase. The first date change is free, and a fee of $10.00 thereafter.


Each passenger is allowed to check up to four (4) pieces of baggage, which must:
Weight no more than 23 kg (50 lbs). An extra charge of $10.00 is applied for an additional piece of baggage.
Each passenger is allowed one (1) carry-on baggage.

Non-regular baggage:

  • 50 lb to 60 lb: $10
  • 60 lb to 70 lb: $20
  • 70 lb to 80 lb: $30
  • 80 lb to 100 lb: $40
  • Animal: $15
  • Refigerated / Frozen: $35
  • Large format (+ 4 pieds): $10
  • Canoe, kayak: $150
Travelling with pets

Dogs, cats, and small rodents must be transported in the appropriate size carrier (not provided by TSH) and placed in the baggage railcars. This will cost an additional $15.00.

Restrictions / Responsability

Tshiuetin Rail Transportation staff may at any time refuse to transport any item that represents a risk or that cannot be safely stowed in the railcars. Tshiuetin Rail Transportation does not assume responsibility for the loss of or damage to carry-on baggage.


Under federal law, it is strictly forbidden to smoke aboard the passenger railcars. Offenders will be prosecuted. No vandalism or destruction of property will be tolerated. All passengers are strongly encouraged to stay in their respective seats in the train. No loitering will be tolerated in the railcar alleys and dining car. Passengers must be vigilant and supervise their children at all times.



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Fax: 418 960-0984


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